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Lingerie Bra

This seductively curved bralette lingerie is sure to satisfy your craving for a fresh and tempting look. It’s light, with strong strap support around the chest hat is comfortably tight and allows your chest to breathe freely without causing any discomfort. The shoulder straps are thin enough correctly, providing accent and support to the bralette. Its single-layer lace surface doesn’t have a cup padding underneath it, adding more allure and makes it more revealing. With its thin texture, it’s recommended for hand-wash for maintenance. Style it up as you please.

4 reviews for Eager Bra Lingerie

  1. Bella (verified owner)

    Evokes pleasure and seduction.

  2. Ruby (verified owner)

    This lingerie brand uses sustainable materials, which aligns with my values. It’s a conscious choice.

  3. Tessa (verified owner)

    Beyond satisfied with my purchase!

  4. Skylar (verified owner)

    Couldn’t ask for more.

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