Long Lace Lingerie

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If you want a cover-up to tease your partner, the Long Lace Lingerie is the one that you should get. This robe is made of lace and furs that goes around the seams of the robe. It has a see-through design where you can see everything that is behind the fabric. Also, it comes with a belt to cover the entire frontal area of your body to add more suspense. You can choose different colors so that it will match with the lingerie that you are wearing under it.

4 reviews for Long Lace Lingerie

  1. Madison (verified owner)

    Captivating and intoxicating.

  2. Arianna (verified owner)

    I feel incredibly confident and sexy when I wear this lingerie. It’s a self-esteem booster.

  3. Quinn (verified owner)

    Great investment. Obsessed with it.

  4. Lilith (verified owner)

    So glad I got it.

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