Necklace Letter

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The Necklace Letter has the name “Angel,” where you can wear it if your name is Angel or you want to feel like an angel. It comes in color gold and has a great solid construction on the letters. The thin chain makes this necklace feel light and doesn’t bother you whenever you are wearing it on any occasion. Another great thing about this necklace is there is an adjustable chain at the back to wear it however you want. Whether you want it as a choker or as a necklace, it will still look good on you.

4 reviews for Necklace Letter

  1. Ellie (verified owner)

    This lingerie brand understands comfort and style. I feel both supported and sexy.

  2. Paisley (verified owner)

    Irresistibly beautiful and sexy.

  3. Poppy (verified owner)

    Impressed with it.

  4. Poppy (verified owner)

    Impressive product.

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