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Lingerie Bra

These bras are a combination of Harajuku Gothic and Gladiator. Let out the inner ferocity you have inside. Unleash your wild side to a night full of excitement, eroticism, and seduction that will make it truly one for the books. Not only do they look sturdy, but they also offer great comfort and a beautifully designed lace pattern. Wearing it will multiply and bring your confidence to the next level. Easy to maintain, easy to care for. Designed for long-time use with proper storage—ideal for hand-wash. The straps are fully adjustable.

4 reviews for Gentle Top Lingerie

  1. Abigail (verified owner)

    Feminine and tantalizing.

  2. Eva (verified owner)

    This lingerie is tasteful and elegant. It’s a timeless addition to my collection.

  3. Georgia (verified owner)

    Great addition.

  4. Isabella (verified owner)

    Incredible buy. Worth every penny.

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